Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Love This Place!

Cody, Dan M and I had a quintessential Randolph session on Friday. We arrived on launch around 2:30pm and were all airborne an hour later. The conditions were really perfect with the wind coming around t-boning the hill half an hour after we launched. It could have been a great XC day had we planned it out and brought a driver. Cloud streets were lined up heading straight out to Oyster Ridge. Oh well, we made due with 2+ hour flights. Definitely a flying site that deserves our praise!!

Oh, and of course Don Pedros in Evanston post flight!!

Archived picture of the ridge

2011 King Mountain Championships

June 11 through the 17 I was in Moore, Idaho for the 2011 King Mountain Championships. It's a hang gliding comp that happens every year at one of the greatest flying sites in the world. This year there were about 70 competitors at the comp, which is a good turnout for a hang gliding comp. Our team took second place in the comp. Lisa Verzella, one of the team members, placed fourth overall and had an outstanding 100 miler during the comp. Paul Alen, another team pilot got longest flight of the meet - 125+ miles. I must say, I was in awe of my fellow team mates. Most of the comp days saw big over development. Pilots willing to fly the tasks took on additional weather related risks.

Lisa Verzella, me and our awesome driver Sharon Lepardi (color girl).

Upper launch

Lisa launching

Our team Me, Lisa Verzella, Paul Alen, Sharon Lepardi and K.C. Benn.

Monday, July 04, 2011

FAVORITE THINGS- flying randolph

This is a vid shot last month at Randolph. The Bear River is way out of it's banks, and the flooding is evident. The regular LZ is under water, so we had to use the alternate LZ close to the hill.

Beautiful as always!