Friday, December 08, 2006

Down Time

I've discovered a few new things to keep my flying skills sharp during these unflyable winter days. I saw the the Pico2 on the news a few days ago. Julie thought the miniature helicopter would make great gifts for some of our younger relatives. We promptly went online and ordered three of the toys. Within a few days the helicopters arrived, and I spared no time opening one to get a closer inspection of the pint sized crafts. After all, the choppers should be tested before allowing the children to try them out.

Here's a shot of the lil' chopper hovering just after take off. It's actually quite manuveable, and very stable in flight.

Where am I? Any guesses? I am at Rockreation indoor climbing gym, around thirty feet off the gyms floor. Sunday nights i trade route setting duties for a membership.