Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The resorts are slowly opening, with minimal amounts of snow. Most are making snow. Park City Mountain Resort opening with a walloping 2 runs! But mother nature is doing her best to squeeze out a few storms here and there. Yesterday and last night we picked up about 7 inches here in the sub-division. I'm not sure what the total count for the resorts ended up being. Around 4 am the lake effect snow machine kicked in adding to the totals, but lake effect is so variable its hard to say who got what. So patience is the key, Im sure we'll get nailed here pretty soon! In the mean time, dreams of warm air and strong thermals. Or white storms and knee deep powder.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Southern Utah

This past weekend the crew headed south with hopes of scoring some off season soaring in St. George, Utah. Hurricane is just outside of St. George 15 minutes or so. A twenty + mile long ridge that runs somewhat east and west. I arrived early Friday morning and met with Greg. We arrived at launch were fellow Salt Lake pilots Shad, David and Steve were already set up. The southerly wind was picking up so everyone was scurrying around launch getting ready to get airborne. Shad was first off the hill and I followed close behind. Greg soon was in the air and we all three enjoyed the smooth ridge lift. The conditions were not as great as we hoped for, still we managed to log over an hour. Later Steve and David launched taking advantage of the days remaining winds.

Cody, Jeff and Greg loading up.

On Saturday the wind was not cooperating. When we arrived on launch it appeared as though it would be a repeat of the day before, but as the day progressed the wind became lighter and lighter.

The crew's enthusiasm wains in the late afternoon sun.

Jeff landing after his extended sled run.

The west end of the ridge.

Molly's Nipple

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some fine flying at Moma S

Saturday proved to be a great day on the South Side at the Point of the Mountain. Everyone was out. Eleven hang glider pilots! The air was butter in the morning, with hangs and bags filling the airspace above the ridge. Later in the morning the wind picked up. The bags packed up leaving the rest of the day to the dozen or so hang glider pilots. In the afternoon John Russell showed up along with pete Anderson - both in recovery mode. John recently recived a new Knee and of course Pete on the road to recovery from his towing accident this summer. All said, a great day of soaring!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday 11.02.07

A few pics from this evening at the Northside. Pretty much a repeat of Wednesday night, but a little stronger. I managed to log an hour and some change on the lower bench. Craig the dentist and Jeff flew as well. Jeff was able to bench up, later performing some wingovers for those on the ground.

A beginner pilot taking advantage of the smooth evening lift.

Val and John demanding Greg to launch.

A great night for the Bag people.