Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing going lately that's blog worthy. My sail finally came back from repair, but I'm afraid the next week holds only bad flying weather. Time to dig in to the old stash.
I ran across this pic of Jeff O'Brien that I took this summer at the South Side.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A South Side Junk Session

Saturday on the South Side. Moderate wind, hangs, bags and other flying things made for a congested morning. John Lindbergh effortlessly cruised above the calamity below, as though he was on a different layer of the lift band.

Meanwhile, I squeaked in a few flights when the crowded skies lightened up. (The following photos were taken by Val Stevens)

As I attempted a slider, my lack of expertise and a odd bit of turbulence spoiled my morning. The following - a broken downtube. Rats!

Monday, November 03, 2008

In The Beginning

I came across some ancient photos. Some I don't remember ever seeing until recently. It's hard to believe how fast life whirls by.

This photo captures one of my first flights on a hang glider. A 40' hill beside I-240 in Oklahoma City. Notice the unique take off form.

Great composition. My two young girls playing on a rock with me in the background. Crestline, CA. Photo - Susan Hibbard

Gotta love that LA smog. Another Crestine pic. Circa - 1980. Photo - Susan Hibbard.

1981 Southern Cal regional's.

Lake Elsinore, CA. Circa - 1980