Monday, August 29, 2011


Cody and I flew the Short Divide on Saturday. We knew before hand it might be a gamble given the soaring forecast. There weren't very many other options for flying because of the over development and possible thunderstorms in the area.

We launched around 4:30pm, a little late probably. I was the first off. I was scratching from launch to landing in the powdery, downhill, plowed bailout field. I actually pulled off my landing with several long strides, sinking past my ankles in the loamy soil with each step. I did drop the control frame on the last step.

Cody launched after I landed. His flight was shorter than mine. Cody executed his perfect crosswind landing, specially developed for this LZ.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday Lisa V and myself had Heber to Ourselves. Mike Glassgow was along as driver. Heber hasn't been flown much this year. in fact, I believe Lisa and I were the first hangs to fly there a few weeks ago this season. The conditions were similar Saturday as it was a few weeks back - with a bit more moisture. We launched around 1:30pm into a thready 8-15mph wind. It wasn't a gimme! The thermals were hard to core. They were small and punchy with a definite shear cutting the lift off at 10.5k. We groveled around for an hour in the turbulence, then finally Lisa found a great core out front. Finally full turns in consistant 500 -1000 ft. per min. lift. We took that one to 13.5k and I headed over the back. Lisa hung back and rung out the thermal, climbing to 14.5k. We met back up over the cement plant outside of Park City, and worked some light cores until a fatty landed us over Rockport Reservoir at 14k again.

There were great cumulus developments on route, and several climbs took me close to cloud base. Back to the southeast heavy OD was dumping rain and hail over parts of the Uintas. The storm cells were not a threat given the distance from our route.

After topping out over Rockport, we headed N.E. to Coalville where my flight ended. Lisa flew a few miles further, up Chalk Creek, and landed in a great field in the narrow valley.

Great flight, awesome visuals, good friends!!

Bruce over launch.

Buce getting ready

Bruce launching

Lisa Verzella launching.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Steorts Arete

My friend Arno Ilgner Came out for the Outdoor Retailers show this week. Arno is the author of the the Warriors Way climbing books. Not only is he a successful writer, he's not to bad of climber either. I had the opportunity to break my two year climbing slump.