Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tulua, Columbia 11.01.09

Taken from the air, coming in to Cali.

Yesterday we made the drive from Manizales to Tulua, Columbia. It's an unbelievable 2 hour trip that starts at 7000asl, and slowly winds through mountainous, tropical countryside. The highways are better than most rural American roads - clean and well maintained. Tulua is a city of 600,000, and appears to have more of an authentic Columbian vibe.

The street in front of the church we were at this morning.

The locals do double takes when they see us. The absence of Americans here, and gringo influence is evident. At first the reactions from the locals seemed negative, but I believe they really don't know what to think when they see us (more so here in Tulua than Cali or Manizales).

The Juan Maria Hotel (Dad in front).

Looking across the street from our hotel window.