Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just A Few Additions To The Log

It's been slim pickens' here lately! There have been a few short flights to mention.

Wednesday, 5.09.09, Site X produced a 45 min flight. Yesterday I got up early and flew the South Side at the Point. It was slow to build, but finally the expected south push arrived. There were many hangs out, and they all got plenty of airtime. I had three flights and netted about 40 mins. Need to move back to California!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Randolph 9.07.09

As we approached The Crawfords, the sky looked a bit ominous. There were linticular clouds everywhere. The saucer shaped clouds gave the appearance of an alien invasion.
The wind was strong from the southwest. Cody, Matt, Greg and I were met on top by 25 to 30 mph winds. There were lighter cycles for launching. Matt was first of the hill with his dog clover along as a tandem passenger. Matt and Clover plowed toward the south end of the main ridge in the strong 45 degree cross headwind. Matt said it took him 25 minutes to fly the 2.8 miles. Soon we were all air born thanks to Cody's willingness to help wire the rest of us off. Fortunately, more pilots showed up to help with Cody's launch.

Can't beat the visuals of the Crawfords!

Cody coming in for a landing.

Even though the wind wasn't perfect, the air was reasonably fun. We all had 2 hour plus flights.

More of the Crawfords.