Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December at the South Side

I usually don't fly after the middle of November. It's just to cold and the motivation isn't there. In fact, the last few years the end of October has been the end of the flying season for me.

This year's been different. We've had some unseasonably warm weather that's given the opportunity for some late season flying. Yesterday and today the abnormally warm temps got my flying juices moving. Yesterday, John L., Sam, Cal and myself flew in great conditions at the SS. Today it was stronger. I did the unfathomable and actually got set up before the sun came up. The sunrise was amazing! Sam, John and I managed an hour of sorties with multiple top landings in reasonably smooth air. I even climbed up even with Blue Balls in the pre-nuking conditions. By 9:30 it was over with gusts pegging over 35mph. Very worth the effort.

Sam gets an unwanted obstacle on one of his landings.

Notice Sam in the upper right hand corner.

John L. was heard saying, "at least we can say we flew".