Monday, May 18, 2009


Over the weekend there were a few flights. Friday was the first day of the local clubs spring comp at the North Side of the Point - the AAA sprints. I didn't compete, but I flew. There was quite a few bags as well as hangs out. Sunday Inspo worked. It wasn't the best day, but good enough for an hour flight.

A short Movie of Mingus, plus some Grand Canyon pics.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More on Mingus

A collection of pics from the Mingus trip.

Chris Thompson, a club member, spent a good part of the morning showing me around and driving me up to launch. These guys are all about hospitality. The group of pilots I was lucky enough to meet and fly with, were beyond helpful, and great fun.

My talon, ready to fly at the top of Mingus.

The hang glider launch ramp.

Mingus set up area.

Just below my helmet is a complex of time shares in Sedona where Julie and I stayed for the week. Mingus is 15+ miles from Sedona. We had plenty of time to hike and sight see. We even drove up to the Grand Canyon on Friday and did a bit rim hiking.

Taking in the desert pana-rama from 10k. As always, pictures never capture the moment. This flight is in my top five most scenic flights.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today at Mingus......
We arrived ready to set up at 9:30am. Tim, Russ, Paul, Mitchel, Dale - all locals - and myself, were ready to go before 11. Paul was first to launch and immediately found a core. He reported going through 12k when the wind began blowing down at launch. The five of us remaining waited through a 20min down cycle before a nice cycle came up the face. We all five trundled into the air within that one cycle and climbed out in a giant multi core thermal. The lift was strong enough through 11k, but around 12k the SW prevailing wind seemed to collide with the lift we were in. It felt like a giant tsunami crashing down and breaking the thermals into more powerful and numerous cells. Sounds weired I know - it was! At 14k the group headed out on glide to the northeast. After leaving the vicinity of Mingus, things calmed down a bit. We all flew back to Sedona, burbling along in light buoyant air. I was able to take in the incredible views around Sedona from 11k (pics coming). One by one we descended and landed by hi-way 89. I was last to land, as it took more than 20min to burn off my last 1k. Mitchel flew past our LZ and landed at the Sedona Airport. The airport is on a mesa and appears like an aircraft carrier. Sort of intimidating. We met Mitchel at the airport for a nice lunch before dispersing.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today at Mingus

Julie and I are in Sedona this week for some r&r. I just so happened to bring my flying kit. Mingus is just a few miles away from our condo, and this morning I headed up to launch with some locals in hopes of flying. Chris Thompson, a local club member, was kind enough to drive me up and show me the ropes. Great hospitality! One other pilot, a para and myself, were the only ones that flew. We launched around the same time - 11ish - and burbled our way to 3k over. We stayed local due to the wind conditions in the area and landed in the primary LZ after a few hours of airtime. More later