Thursday, October 18, 2012

Change In The Wind

Oh man! Can't believe it's been almost three months since my last post.  I usually don't go so long without throwing something out there.  I have mainly been finishing up on the remodel that was started over 18 months ago.  The place is looking great, and I must say, the time has been well spent.  As always, I  remind myself after a remodel - "man that stuff sure takes a lot of time".  And as soon as the words come they are forgotten. 

I have been able to get out and fly through this busy year, and quite a bit.  I had some respectable XC flights, one of which topped out at 80.6 miles.  This flying season I have flown the Crawfords more than any other year.  Due in part to the closures of several sites, but also because The Crawfords are just amazing mountains.  Last weekend Cody and I got to over 10 grand several times and landed in one of the best LZ's you could ever imagine.  Hopefully next year we'll get Inspo's bail out LZ back.  And maybe the repairs on the road up to Francis will be finally complete.  Until then, I'm content with the alternative.

One other huge development is the addition of new family member!  My daughter Melissa gave birth to her own daughter this year.  I never imagined me being a gaga grandad, but it's happened.  Sophie is here and life has once again morphed into a new shape with brand new goals, hopes and wonder.  Thank God for the brand new beginnings we sometimes get to be a part of.