Monday, October 20, 2008

More Willard Pics

Greg sent over these great pics of our adventure on Saturday.

Set-up area is a bit sparse, but it works.

Looking straight down launch.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mighty Willard

The gang met up with Crazy Mike in North Ogden Saturday morning. We began what would turn out to be my longest LZ to launch drive ever! It took us over two hours to finally reach the top of Willard Peak from where the cars were parked in the LZ. I must add, the scenery was spectacular on the drive up. Even though the road was at times rocky, it wasn't a bad drive, thanks to Cody's awesome truck. Thanks to Cody's wife Dorothy, the truck made it back to the LZ in one piece. The launch was a pretty straight ahead slope launch, and with the wind coming straight in at a consistent 15 to 18 mph, everyone was quick to get off the hill and into the air. Willard is approximately 9800 asl and about 5000 agl. The view looking out toward the Great Salt Lake and distant mountains to the west is one of the most incredible sights.

No camera, so I downloaded these Google images of the peak.

I was in the air first, and one by one Greg, Cody and Mike followed. The air was somewhat textured at launch, most likely due to the massive rock spires that dominate the topography out front. However, once you move a half mile south, there's a linear ridge that runs about a mile and provides a fun and somewhat smooth ride. Greg and Cody ventured out of the main ridge area and struggled a bit to get back into the working lift. After an hour or so in the air, they landed in no wind conditions. Mike landed bit earlier due to glider problems. After two hours of touring the mountain I headed out toward the LZ, and after burning off four grand of altitude, I landed in the calm, evening air. Not my best landing, but overall, a great flight.

Thanks to Mike for the guided tour.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Bones

My glider, reduced to bare bones! Its that time of the year. A sail off inspection of the frame revealed only a few questionable wear spots. See if you can find the spots of concern.

The sail actually had wear and tear significant enough to warrant a trip to the factory for repair. The most significant area of wear is at the tips. The glider was manufactured in 2002. When I got my Talon in 2006, it had been stored in a garage for several years. It's been a sweet glider, I'm hoping she has at least one more season in her .

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Drummer. Where do I begin. It started four years ago when we began construction of the house in Summit park. Drummer lived just down the steep hill from our building project. I made the mistake of throwing Drummer the tennis ball he brought up to the job site, just one time, that's all it took to make a lifetime friend.

Drummer is a really big lab, and very rambunctious. He's a dog that knows what he wants and will relentlessly pester with deafening barks until you cave. He's been coming up to the house with religious fervor several times a week with a ball, stick, whatever, since that day.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Saturday 10.4.08

Just outside the back door. Well maybe not just out the back door, but close enough. Actually the trailhead is about 300 yards from the house. The trail is steep and winds it's way through tall pines and aspens and up a few thousand feet to Summit Park Peak. Today the colors are vibrant and the little bit of rain we have had seems to intensify the hues.