Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching Up

So Iv'e been a bit complacent about posting my flights.  It's been a pretty nice spring for flying in Utah.  Most everyone I know who flies hang gliders, have had plenty of opportunity to get in the air.  Here's how the last month has played out for me.

Two flights at Bauer.  A great little north facing ridge out in the Tooele Valley.  Bauer is a big sand bar, very similar to the South Side at the Point of the Mountain.

Two really good days at Randolph.  The last part of April, over twenty gliders converged at this great Utah site.  Everyone had great flights.  I was able to log a few hours with several gains to over 13k. This past Sunday, Cody and I met at Randolph and had a respectable day.  Both of us logged over 2 hours.

A few weeks back, Greg Billow and I flew Site X.  It was a late evening flight. Given the lateness of the day and the sites history of skunking us, we didn't have great expectations.  It turned out to be a nice soarable evening.  I got 1200 over launch with an hour of airtime to add to my logbook.

Yesterday, Lisa V and myself drove out to Camels (Lisa's back yard).  A great mountain site down by Springville.  We were able to snag one of Lisa's neighbors for a driver.  83 year old Glen Rough. He was quite entertaining on the way up to launch, as he shared a few stories about some of the things he did as a youth.  The last part of the drive up to launch is a really steep 200 yard stretch of rocky off camber 4 wheeling.  Glen was content to stay at the saddle below.  Once we were airborne, we would call him on the radio and he would drive the truck down to the LZ.  As we were setting up, a group of motorcyclist came up the gnarly rutted out road.  One of the cyclist had Glen on the back.  What a hoot to see Glens expressions and hear him go on about the ride up.  I think overall the outing made his year!

I was able to get up in some rather ratty air, climb out to 13k and fly north to Orem.  A short but sweet flight.

That sums it up for the month.  Good start for the soaring season :)