Monday, September 17, 2007

The Space Between

I don't know if Dave Mathews meant for his song to be interpreted this way, but I'll take the liberty to believe right now I'm in the space between. The last week has been filled with far more work than play. Today I was working on a decaf at Starbucks when Greg called. He offered to drive down to the Northside of the Point where we could possibly cash in on a bit of much needed airtime. After several rounds of calling back and forth, we decided it was too late to make the drive down south. So I guess it's just more work until the end of the week.

A few Valle De Bravo pics from our winter trip to Mexico.

An amazing residence with some killer ironwork

One of my favorite memories of Valle. After a short hike one evening, I was rewarded with a great overlook of the town.

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