Saturday, October 27, 2007

Of Moose and Men

Today ends the week long evac training at Park City Mountain resort. All said, most everyone finished well trained and ready for a lift to go belly up! During the training, there were quite a few stories about lift evacuations when the weather was horrid. A scenario no one looks forward to. The last few evacs at PCMR was during optimal weather conditions. I can imagine a three hour evac when the air temp is -10 and it's snowing - yikes!

In short, the rescue rope is thrown from the top of the tower and worked close to the first chair. The skiers are lowered in a chest harness. Through a series of semi-complicated rope maneuver's the line is moved down to the next chair and the process is repeated.

The skier is safely lowered.

One of our local residents captured this evening on my camera.

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